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"From the street to the home, domestic space too must not escape our tentacles. So profoundly ingrained, domestic space has been deemed impossible to disembed, where the home as norm has been conflated with home as fact, as an unremarkable given. Stultifying ‘domestic realism’ has no home on our horizon. Let us set sights on augmented homes of shared laboratories, of communal media and technical facilities. The home is ripe for spatial transformation as an integral component in any process of feminist futurity. But this cannot stop at the garden gates. We see too well that reinventions of family structure and domestic life are currently only possible at the cost of either withdrawing from the economic sphere—the way of the commune—or bearing its burdens manyfold—the way of the single parent. The task before us is twofold, and our vision necessarily stereoscopic: we must engineer an economy that liberates reproductive labour and family life, while building models of familiality free from the deadening grind of wage labour. "

- Laboria Cuboniks

Play with microphone and headphones.

Thanks to Oficina do Convento for hosting castlejam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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GenreRole Playing
Made withGodot
Tagsar, electroacoustic, Minimalist, pixel-vector, realr, Sandbox, Virtual Reality (VR), xenofeminist


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